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Historical Sites

Scattered across the Island of Crete you'll find a range of historical sites and monuments. From Minoan ruins to Venetian Fortresses, Crete has a varied history and culture that goes back thousands of years.  Here are some places in Crete I've come across on my travels that have lasted the test of time.


Fortezza Fortress
Windmills Poros Elounda
Vrouhas Windmills
Morosini Fountain
Rimondi Fountain
Neratze Mosque
Lighthouse of Rethymno
Remains of Hadrian's Wall, built in 122 AD, in the afternoon light.  Birdoswald, England.

Historical Sites

Check out images from historical sites from Northern England.

Abstract view in the Venetian Loggia, Heraklion Town Hall, in Heraklion, Greece.

Travel Gallery

Collection of my favorite images from my travels.

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