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Lincoln Highway Mural - Mokena

Funded by the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition and installed on February 2nd, 2013, this Lincoln Highway mural by artist Jay Allen, highlights the need for vehicle care and roadside services for people traveling on the new Lincoln Highway.


Address: 3627 West 216th Street, Mokena, IL  

Funded by the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition and completed in 2012, the Lincoln Highway mural in DeKalb highlights the routes street name changes through town to Lincoln Way.  Address: East Lincoln Highway & 7th Street, De Kalb, IL

"The promotion and construction of the Lincoln Highway increased the popularity of the automobile.  This combination made travel easier and readily available to everyone, from farmers trucking their goods into market, to families on weekend road trips.  With this new sense of freedom also came the demand for vehicle care and roadside service.  In 1916, to meet the changing needs of the newly motoring public, Mokena, then a rural farming community, opened its first audio garage.  The business offered excellent repair work and sold cars, trucks, and tractors to the rural farming community and its neighboring towns."

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