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A little about me

E.J.Rodriquez Photography  "Not just a hobby"

Hey, what's crackin’ peeps?  I'm Eddie James Rodriquez a.k.a. EJ.  I'm a photographer currently residing in the state of Illinois. My passion for photography and travel started way back in my teens while still living in California, and straight up, it was purely for selfish reasons.  I wanted to get a snap that I could be proud of. Through photography I was fortunate enough to live in Utah, England, Illinois and California. My technique and style has developed with each move I've made. I have traveled through Europe, Russia and most of the lower 48 along the way, at that point I knew it was time to make a decisions. In the early 2010’s I decided to give it a go and make this my full time job. When i say full time, I mean it, it’s a 24/7 operation around here.  "Not just a hobby".  Hope you all dig what I got goin’ on. Stick around, there's way more to see, way more to come!!

EJ Rodriquez

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